Comprehensive Plan

The Rio Grande Water Fund: Comprehensive Plan for Wildfire and Water Source Protection is the culmination of a collaborative partnership among more than 40 organizations and agencies and more than two years of research and planning guided by a diverse advisory board. The Comprehensive Plan uses the best available data to describe the current wildfire threat to water sources and forested watersheds, setting forth a path for New Mexico’s future water security. The focus is on water as the primary resource that people value, and that originates in forested headwaters at high risk of damaging wildfire.

New Mexico must act now to protect our watersheds and water supply. With every year that goes by without a large-scale solution, more forested acres are severely burned, more critical water sources are jeopardized, more communities are threatened and other natural values are placed at risk. A coordinated, leveraged, multi-partner effort is needed to scale up restoration. This Comprehensive Plan provides a blueprint for action. This plan includes an introduction and analysis of water security threats, a vision for the future, summaries of study results that will guide water fund investments and a clear path forward to securing New Mexico’s water for the future.