Monitoring and Adaptive Management Plan

The Water Fund’s Monitoring Working Group completed a draft of the monitoring plan in March, 2014; the plan was briefly summarized in the Rio Grande Water Fund’s Comprehensive Plan (TNC 2014). Since that time, we decided to re-visit and revise the plan for two reasons.

First, given the Water Fund’s objective of protecting the quality of Rio Grande water, we wanted to expand monitoring of water quality directly or of indicators that indirectly relate to water quality. In the draft plan, there was only a single monitoring metric that addressed the question of whether large-scale restoration activities in the watershed were leading to an improvement in water quality.  To this end, we received a contract from the Ciudad Soil & Water Conservation District to evaluate existing monitoring measures for water quality and modify the monitoring plan to incorporate these measures as needed. This iteration of the monitoring plan has six metrics that directly or indirectly relate to water quality.

Second, given the monitoring plan’s objective of using monitoring data to enable corrections to management strategies, we revised the plan to create a framework that would facilitate adaptive management.