The foundation of the Rio Grande Water Fund is our partners, signatories, and executive committee. Decisions are made using a participatory process outlined in our collaborative charter. Currently, 75 signatories–a diverse mix of private and public organizations– have signed on to the charter.  Project funding decisions are made by an executive committee. Twice a year, signatories and partners gather to update everyone on progress and learn from each other.

2018 Fall Signatories Meeting

 November 1, 2018 — AgendaPresentations (10 MB)
High-Resolution Presentations (300 MB)

Keynote Speakers
Jeff Hanratty, General Mills, Applied Sustainability Manager

Emily Hohman, Chama Peak Land Alliance, Executive Director

Past Signatory Meetings

2018 Spring Signatories Meeting – April 27, 2018 — AgendaNotes — Presentations
2017 Fall Signatories Meeting —November 9, 2017 —AgendaNotesPresentations
2o17 Spring Signatories Meeting —May 19, 2017 — AgendaPresentations

Past Executive Committee Meetings

2018 Winter Meeting —February 18, 2018 — Minutes