Stream, Wetland and Aquatic Restoration Program (SWARP)

The Rio Grande Water Fund has successfully funded on-the-ground forest restoration projects, tripling the area treated in our forested watersheds. As the RGWF has grown, so has our readiness to expand stewardship activities to include aquatic and riparian habitats.

High-severity wildfire has damaged many aquatic habitats within the RGWF. Areas that have not yet seen fire, may have altered hydrology or reduced ecological function from other land use activities. The Stream, Wetland and Aquatic Restoration Program (SWARP) seeks to improve the function of aquatic resources, increase biodiversity and restore degraded or damaged areas within the Rio Grande Basin to supplement the forest work and enhance overall watershed health.

We are currently seeking Requests for Statements of Interest (RSI) to identify candidate projects. Click here for more information about our RSI process.